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About Moldavite – History and Introduction
Identifying Moldavite
Moldavite Origin
Buying Moldavite
Moldavite Gemological Properties
Moldavite – Similar Materials
Moldavite – Metaphysical Powers
Moldavite Jewelry Ideas
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About Moldavite – History and Introduction
Moldavite is “The Emerald” that fell from the sky. It only exists in a small area of the Czech Republic. So far the leading theory is that it is the result of a meteorite impact 15 million years ago, when the object slammed into the earth with such force, the heat and pressure together with the terrestrial landscape exploded back into the air and fell back to earth as a glassy green tektite. This stone is truly extraterrestrial.

Identifying Moldavite

Moldavite Origin
The Ries impact crater, which is genetically associated with moldavites, is located about 120 km east of Stuttgart in Germany. It forms a morphologically marked depression

with the outer diameter of 25 km. Its age is identical with the age of the moldavites. According to several independent determinations (K/Ar, 40Ar/39Ar, fission-track), this age most often ranges from 14.2 to 15.2 Ma.

The cause of the origin of the Ries crater was the impact of a stone meteorite. Morgan et al. (1977) considered that it was aubrite because of the very low enrichment of impact glasses by Ir, Os and Ni.

It has been held sacred for for thousands of years by humans, Amulets of Moldavite were discovered with 20,000+ year old artifacts and other findings dating back more than the 6000 year modern time line of Human civilizations. It has been held as a mystical and sacred stone throughout human civilization, regarded as having magical and consciousness transforming powers used by sages, healers and others. There are many legends about the properties of Moldavite and its uses. Going back to legends of Atlantis and early civilizations, It is said to be the stone in the Holy Grail – or the stone the Grail was carved from, “an emerald that fell from the sky”. It is rumored that Mohammed brought 3 pieces and placed them at Mecca. King Solomen, a Alchemist / Magician, was said to have possessed some of the stones as well. Many other legends are found throughout esoteric history. Moldavite is a very rare gemstone with strange properties of extraterrestrial origins. Moldavite has its origins in human use going back to ancient times when it was used in making of tools and as Talismans, it was even used for bartering of goods. In Talismans it was said to be used because of the strange pulsing energy of the stone, and was used as good luck and protection among others. It has been used by mystics to accelerate the awakening of consciousness and awareness as well as for healing. Moldavite was & still is given as a stone of royalty between royal families.

Buying Moldavite


Moldavite Gemological Properties
Its scientific structure is unlike anything else. Moldavite is a tektite, Natural “glass” formed from meteorite impact – it is classified as a mineraloid classed to the tektite family but it shows no apparent crystal structure, its chemical composition is primarily : 80% silicon dioxide, 10% aluminum oxide, 3% potassium oxide, 2% iron oxide, 2% magnesium oxide, 1,5% calcium oxide, 0,5% sodium oxide and it also contains many trace elements like rubidium, cesium, Barium & Beryllium-10

Moldavite – Similar Materials

Moldavite – Metaphysical Powers
On a metaphysical level Moldavite is a very powerful stone. It releases blockages in energy from the body on the emotional and physical levels. It affects all the chakras and it especially has a profound effect on the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The Moldavite “Flush” is the most common feeling associated by people of a rushing warm sensation that flows through the whole body when first coming into contact with the stone. This varies from person to person, it may not happen at first, size does seem to have an effect on the energy as well as how sensitive a person is. It may take weeks of working with the stone, through meditation and wearing each day for some people. As with all Tools one may use for metaphysics / consciousness, one must be ready and open to the experiences. It ranges from having no effect or very subtle to over whelming.

Many people feel they can not be around the stone or are only able to wear or hold it for a short time while others find themselves drawn to it. It has been reported to create a heat and “buzzing” effect with many people as well as being associated with time “loss” and higher states of awareness during meditation. The stone is said to bring about great transformation, both on a personal and spiritual level.

Crystals & Gemstones are merely Tools to assist us along our way. For any experience , higher consciousness, healing, etc – the proper intention, energy & consciousness must be applied to using them. This is why some people feel nothing, others feel some things and others get that huge “flush”. All of the answers and abilities to see beyond this realm come from WITHIN each person.

Moldavite Jewelry Ideas

Moldavite Care

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