Effects of Ruby on the Human Body

Effects of Ruby on the Human Body – Rubies are renowned for their captivating red hue and have been cherished as precious gemstones for centuries.

However, beyond their aesthetic allure, rubies have also been associated with a range of intriguing claims regarding their potential effects on the human body.

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of rubies and explore the various theories, beliefs, and scientific findings surrounding the potential impacts of these gemstones on our health and well-being.

While the idea of gemstones having healing properties is not new, it is essential to approach this topic with a critical and scientific perspective to separate fact from fiction.

Historical Significance of Rubies

Before delving into the potential effects of rubies on the human body, it’s crucial to understand the historical significance and cultural context of these gemstones. Rubies have held a special place in various civilizations throughout history. In many ancient cultures, rubies were considered precious and powerful. Let’s briefly explore some of these historical beliefs:

Ancient India: In India, rubies were known as the “King of Gemstones” and were believed to protect their owners from harm and misfortune. They were associated with the sun and thought to bring clarity and vitality to the wearer.

Ancient Rome: Romans believed that rubies had the power to improve their intelligence and enhance their courage in battle. It was also believed that rubies could bring harmony to relationships.

Ancient China: Chinese emperors treasured rubies for their believed ability to ensure long and prosperous rule. They were associated with protection and vitality.

Ancient Greece: Greeks believed that rubies could help preserve the wearer’s youthfulness and physical vitality. It was also associated with matters of the heart and love.

Medieval Europe: In medieval Europe, rubies were considered a symbol of passion and were associated with the blood and heart. They were believed to bestow courage and strength upon the wearer.

While these historical beliefs are intriguing, it’s essential to approach them with a modern scientific perspective. The effects attributed to rubies in the past may have been more symbolic and cultural rather than based on empirical evidence. However, the allure of rubies and their potential influence on human health has persisted through the ages.

Physical Properties of Rubies

Before delving into the potential effects of rubies on the human body, let’s explore the physical properties of these gemstones.

A ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum, which is primarily composed of aluminum oxide. The vibrant red color of rubies is due to the presence of chromium in the crystal lattice. Here are some key physical properties of rubies:

  • Color: Rubies are famous for their rich red color, which can vary from pinkish-red to deep crimson. The intensity of the color is a crucial factor in determining their value.
  • Hardness: Rubies are one of the hardest minerals, with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale. This makes them highly durable and suitable for use in jewelry.
  • Luster: Rubies have a bright and vitreous luster, which enhances their beauty when cut and polished.
  • Transparency: Transparent rubies are highly prized, but they can also be found in translucent and opaque varieties.
  • Cut: How a ruby is cut can significantly affect its brilliance and overall appearance. Common cuts for rubies include oval, round, and cushion.
  • Carat Weight: Rubies, like other gemstones, are measured in carats. Larger rubies are rarer and more valuable.

Potential Effects of Rubies on the Human Body

Now, let’s explore the various claims and theories about the effects of rubies on the human body. It’s important to note that many of these claims are rooted in traditional and alternative medicine practices, and scientific evidence to support them is limited.

1. Enhancing Vitality and Energy

In some traditional healing systems, rubies are believed to enhance vitality and energy. It is thought that wearing a ruby can boost one’s life force and combat fatigue.

While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, some individuals find that wearing rubies makes them feel more energetic and motivated.

2. Strengthening the Heart

The historical association between rubies and matters of the heart has led to the belief that wearing a ruby can have a positive impact on cardiovascular health.

It is said to strengthen the heart and promote overall cardiac well-being. However, there is no scientific basis for this claim, and individuals with heart conditions should not rely on gemstones for treatment.

3. Boosting Self-Confidence

Rubies are often associated with self-confidence and courage. Wearing a ruby is believed to instill a sense of self-assuredness and help individuals overcome challenges and fears.

While the psychological effects of wearing a beautiful gemstone can boost self-esteem, this should not be considered a substitute for professional therapy or self-confidence-building strategies.

4. Emotional Balance

Some proponents of crystal healing suggest that rubies can help balance emotions and alleviate feelings of anger and frustration.

It is believed that the ruby’s vibrant red color is linked to the root chakra, which is associated with feelings of stability and security.

However, this theory lacks scientific validation, and emotional well-being is a complex matter that often requires more than gemstone therapy.

5. Improved Concentration and Focus

There is a belief that rubies can enhance concentration and mental clarity. This notion may stem from historical associations between rubies and intelligence.

While wearing a ruby may serve as a personal reminder to stay focused, it should not replace effective study techniques or treatments for concentration disorders.

6. Physical Healing

In some alternative medicine practices, rubies are used as a form of “energy medicine” to promote physical healing. It is claimed that rubies can stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, and medical conditions should be treated by qualified healthcare professionals.

7. Protection and Warding off Negativity

Throughout history, rubies have been associated with protection from harm and negative energies.

Some believe that wearing a ruby can act as a shield against psychic attacks and negative influences. While this belief is deeply rooted in folklore, it lacks empirical evidence.

8. Chakra Alignment

In certain holistic healing systems, rubies are associated with the base or root chakra, which is linked to stability, security, and survival.

It is believed that wearing rubies can help align and balance this chakra. However, chakra healing practices are not widely recognized in mainstream science or medicine.

Scientific Perspective on Ruby Effects

While the claims and beliefs regarding the effects of rubies on the human body are intriguing, it’s important to emphasize that they are largely based on anecdotal evidence, folklore, and traditional practices.

From a scientific perspective, there is a lack of empirical evidence to support the idea that rubies have direct and measurable effects on human health.

Gemstones, including rubies, are primarily composed of minerals and crystals. While these materials have unique physical properties, such as hardness and color, there is no scientific mechanism by which wearing a ruby can directly influence physiological or psychological processes in the human body.

It’s essential to exercise caution and critical thinking when considering the use of gemstones for health-related purposes. While some individuals may report positive experiences when wearing rubies or other gemstones, these effects are likely attributed to a placebo effect or the power of suggestion.

The placebo effect occurs when a person experiences a perceived benefit from a treatment or intervention due to their belief in its effectiveness.

Incorporating Rubies into Your Life

If you are drawn to the beauty and symbolism of rubies and wish to incorporate them into your life, there are several ways to do so:

Jewelry: Wearing ruby jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, or earrings, is a popular way to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of rubies. Many people wear gemstones for their beauty and sentimental value rather than expecting specific health benefits.

Meditation and Mindfulness: Some individuals use rubies as meditation aids or focal points for mindfulness exercises. The act of focusing on the ruby’s color and texture can be a grounding and calming practice.

Collecting: If you have an interest in gemstones and minerals, collecting rubies and other gemstones can be a rewarding hobby. Learning about their geological properties and history can be intellectually stimulating.

Symbolism: Rubies are often associated with love, passion, and courage. You can use rubies as symbols in personal rituals or as reminders of your values and aspirations.


Rubies are undeniably captivating gemstones with a rich history and cultural significance. Throughout the ages, they have been associated with various beliefs and claims regarding their potential effects on the human body. While these beliefs are deeply rooted in tradition and folklore, it’s important to approach them with a critical and scientific perspective.

From a scientific standpoint, there is no concrete evidence to support the idea that rubies have direct and measurable effects on human health. Any reported benefits of wearing rubies are likely due to the placebo effect or the power of suggestion. It’s crucial to remember that gemstones, including rubies, should not be considered a substitute for professional medical or psychological treatment.

Ultimately, the allure of rubies lies in their beauty, symbolism, and cultural significance. Whether you choose to wear a ruby for its aesthetic appeal or as a personal symbol, the most important aspect is the meaning and significance you attribute to it. The effects of rubies on the human body may remain a subject of mystery and wonder, but their enduring charm is undeniable.

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